Latest Presintered Ferrite Magnetic Powder

Latest Presintered Ferrite Magnetic Powder

Presintered Ferrite Magnetic Powder

one. YXC sequence strontium dry urgent ferrite magnetic powders and YXS series barium dry pressing ferrite magnetic powders are suitable for making ferrite magnets by dry urgent.

two. These kinds of ferrite powders can be categorized as isotropic powEPTand anisotropic powder, anisotropic powEPThas far better orientable

3. They have very good compatibility with different kinds of synthetic components such as plastics, polyvinyl chloride and rubber and far more

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Variety Material Qualified stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd of magnetic property Charge of shrinkage
Typical size Water content material of wonderful powder
Identify utilised just before
Testing direction Spheric (mm) Coarse powEPT( microm) Wonderful powder
( microm)
YXC-1 Ferroxdure ge220 ge139 ge199 ge7.fifty six // 15 plusmn1 six~twelve three~6 .eighty~.90 le0.5 Standard isomorphism barium
YXC-1R Ferroxdure ge210 ge131 ge239 ge7.sixteen #8869 15 plusmn1 six~12 three~6 .80~.ninety le0.five Radial
YXC-1A Ferroxdure ge230 ge143 ge239 ge8.36 // fifteen plusmn1 six~12 3~six .eighty~.ninety le0.5 High performance isomorphism barium
YXC-three Strontium ferrite ge380 ge151 ge155 ge26.three // twelve plusmn1 six~twelve three~6 .ninety~one.00 le0.five Baric isomerism
YXC-4 Strontium ferrite ge380 ge215 ge223 ge27.1 // 13 plusmn1 six~12 3~6 .80~.90 le0.five Strontium isomerism
YXC-5 Strontium ferrite ge400 ge223 ge231 ge30.two // thirteen plusmn1 6~twelve 3~six .70~.eighty le0.5 Y35
YXC-5H Strontium ferrite ge380 ge267 ge290 // 13 plusmn1 6~12 three~six .70~.78 le0.5 Y34

Latest Presintered Ferrite Magnetic Powder

Latest Presintered Ferrite Magnetic Powder

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