Synthetic Mineral Mica Powder Pigment

Synthetic Mineral Mica Powder Pigment

Synthetic Mineral EPT PowEPTPigment

Artificial mica is also recognized as fluorophlogopite. It is geared up by higher temperature soften cooling and crystallization of chemical raw supplies. Its solitary wafer has a fraction of KMg3(AlSi3O10)F2, which beEPTs to monoclinic system and is a typical layered silicate.

The efficiency of synthetic mica powEPTis much much better than that of normal mica. For illustration, the temperature resistance is up to 1200 degC. UnEPThigh temperature conditions, the quantity resistivity of artificial fluorophlogopite is 1000 occasions greater than that of natural mica. The electrical insulation is good, and the vacuum vent is substantial. Minimal, acid and alkali resistant, transparent, separable and elastic, it is an EPTant non-metallic insulating materials for present day EPT and large engineering these kinds of as motors, electrical appliances, electronics, and aviation.

More than 95% of the synthetic mica crystal blocks attained by the internal thermal strategy are little crystals, ie, artificial mica fragments, which can be utilised to make a selection of insulating goods, this sort of as artificial mica paper, laminates, fluorophlogopite mica powder, mica pearlescent pigments. And mica ceramics, and many others. Our manufacturing unit largely creates artificial mica broken. 20 mesh. 40 mesh. sixty mesh. one hundred mesh. 200 mesh. three hundred mesh. 400 mesh. 600 mesh and other mica powder.

EPT PowEPTApplication:

It is broadly used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, rubber, plastics, paper, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new creating materials and other EPT. With the continuous deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment of science and technology, people have opened up new fields of software.

EPT powEPTchemical articles:

Merchandise spec Take a look at end result
SiO2 forty four-46% 44.84
AltwoOthree 33-39% 38.19
FetwoO3 le0.3% .1
KtwoO 8-11% eleven
Na2O two.3-3.5% 2.8
MgO .05-.1% .08
CaO .06
LOI 4-five% four.97
Moisture content le0.three% .twenty five
Specific Gravity two.eighty two

Actual physical composition
Product Specification ten-sixty mum ten–forty mum 5–twenty five mum lt15 mum
experience density(cm2) .2 .2 .2 .two
Moisture(%) lt0.1 lt0.1 lt0.1
Sand content material(%) lt0.three lt0.3 lt0.three lt0.three
Loss on ignition(%) lt3 lt3 lt3 lt3
Proportion(g/cm3) two.8 2.8 two.8 2.eight
Refraction price 1.596 one.596 1.596 1.596
Grain size material gt85 gt85 gt85 gt85
Whiteness 98 ninety eight ninety eight 98
Radius-thickness ratio gt65 gt65 gt60 gt55
PH worth six–7 six–7 six–7 6–7
Magnet(ppm) five five five 5
Oil absorption(%) fifty two.6 52.six 52.six 52.6

Synthetic Mineral Mica Powder Pigment

Synthetic Mineral Mica Powder Pigment

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