Aluminium Hydroxide as Flame Retardant

Aluminium Hydroxide as Flame Retardant

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EPT retardant mechanism of ATH
one. Dilution: ATH is loaded to decrease the concentration of flammable polymer. The water vapor launched by ATH dehydration dilutes the focus of flammable gas and oxygen to avoid combustion

two. Endothermic result: dehydration and heat absorption at 300~350 degC, inhibiting the temperature rise of the polymer

three. Carbonization: EPT retardants make powerful dehydrating substances unEPTburning circumstances, which are carbonized by plastics and are not prone to flammable volatiles, therefore avoiding flame spread

four.Protection: following ATH dehydration, an Al2O3 protecting film is formed on the surface of the combustible materials to block oxygen and prevent even more combustion

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ZheEPTng AVANT new content technologies co., LTD., is fully commited to delivering large temperature aluminum oXiHu (West Lake), magnesium hydroXiHu (West Lake), zinc borate and other flame retardants products exports, consumers in Europe and The us, South The united states, southeast Asia and other international locations, for the domestic small and medium-sized EPTrprises supply a single-stop export solutions and item marketing strategy, for overseas customers to give one-end searching service and item remedies, taken to eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting core merchandise marketplace phase the globe the very first flame retardant specialists and chemical trade incubation system objectives!

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Aluminium Hydroxide as Flame Retardant

Aluminium Hydroxide as Flame Retardant