CaCO3 Powder for Medicine Tablet

CaCO3 Powder for Medicine Tablet

We built new EPT with capability of 50000 MT for Pharmacy quality Calcium Carbonate creating period of time
We get Pharmacy Grade CaCo3 with GMP certificate commaUSP commaBP stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd time period

Certification of Examination No interval colonHS175717
Item Identify colon Pharmacy grade Calcium Carbonate granule Amount colon 1500 KGS
Whole lot Variety colon HS175717 Package colon 25KG solBag
Report Price colon 2017 period02 period17 StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd colon EPT StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
Manufacture Day colon 2017 period02 period12 Expire Day colon 2019 period02 period11
Examination Results colon
Amount Merchandise Specification Results
one Description Odorless comma need to not be corrupt and mildew phenomenon comma no obvious external impurities Move
two periodA Identification colonCarbonate Meet Hydrochloric acid to generate foam comma precipitated when gasoline satisfy calcium hydroXiHu (West Lake) liquid Go
2 periodB Identification colonCalcium Salt Moist with hydrochloric acid comma crimson and yellow flame Go
three Reduction on drying le2 period0 percnt period13 percnt
Bulk Density period75-1 period0g solml period95
5 Particle Dimension On sixty Mesh sieve residue lpar250llm rpar colon ~ 75 percnt forty three period3 percnt
6 Arsenic le2 period00mg solkg lt2
7 Direct le2 period00mg solkg period1
8 Overall bacteria le100cfu solg lt10
9 Molds and Yeast le25cfu solg lt10
10 Salmonella Absent solg Pass
eleven E periodcoli Absent solg Move
eleven Assay lparCaCo3 rpar ninety five percnt additionally sol- period5 94 period9
Summary colonMeet the needs
Head of Office colon Dingwei Verify colon WusiEPT

What benefit we have colon
Oslash We have our own Mines commaEPTorted production line comma 100 mesh ~ 8000 mesh comma10-100nm comma100-300nm particle dimensions comma 900000 MT solY ability time period

Oslash We are close by the ZheEPTng port commawhich can have convenient transport situation and less value interval

Oslash Our R amp D cEPTr comma beEPTs to ZheEPTng East China University of Science and Technologies engineering crew comma with prime stage R ampD functionality and laboratory equipments period of time

Oslash Our engineer invEPTd the Nano Calcium Carbonate PowEPTin Nineteen nineties comma lparthe patent amount colon CN20571571796 period0 rpar comma which can be broadly utilized in EPT ink commaCar Primer Painting commaEPT Sealant commaRubber commaPlastic and so on fields comma what has changed the EPT China Nano Calcium Carbonate PowEPTmanufacture history interval

Oslash We have assisted much more than ten factories in China to create their very own Nano Calcium Carbonate manufacturing line comma which indicates we have quite prosperous experience in know-how of a variety of items quality handle interval

Oslash We are cooperating with Europe firms for deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) new series products interval

Oslash We have passed the GMP commaFDA commaISO and so on inspection period of time

Oslash We have taken a lot more than 50 % of the Nano calcium Carbonate substance market in China comma Exported to more than 70 international locations comma Product sales Agent in colon The usa commaGerman commaTurkey comma Romania comma Russia commaUkraine comma Venzuela comma Colombia commaPeru comma Iran comma Vietnam comma Singapore commaDubai comma Pakistan period interval period period of time rpar comma who can give support rigEPT by you interval

CaCO3 Powder for Medicine Tablet

CaCO3 Powder for Medicine Tablet