China Factory Galvanized Steel Insulated Colorsteel Board Panel Wool Glass Rock Foam Sandwich Glue

China Factory Galvanized Steel Insulated Colorsteel Board Panel Wool Glass Rock Foam Sandwich Glue

Adhesive is vital assistant material of anti-theft doorway, steel picket doorways, polymer doors, which refers to make contact with with air curing one element adhesive. With the functions of substantial bonding energy, good weathering resistance, simple to use, water resistance and so on, it is widely utilized in iron and steel, galvanized steel plate, wooden composition and and so on.

Software Desc.:

Honeycomb paper (incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. aluminum honeycomb paper, polymer honeycomb paper, etc.) EPT foam glue. Employed in require filling gadget bonding honeycomb paper and other paper items.

Employed for bonding fireproof board, honeycomb paper in products such as stability doors, and so forth..

Bonding polystyrene foam board for use in devices these kinds of as safety doorways, and so forth.


1. Robust adhesion, shear, higher peel energy, high and lower temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance , warmth resistance and growing older resistance.

2. It can achieve optimal bodily efficiency after curing at place temperature and no degumming phenomenon in the process of transfer printing of safety door.

three. The operational time adjustment is robust, it can be picked in accordance to the various time and diverse curing method of Styrofoam.

4. Lower toXiHu (West Lake) solvent, without utilizing extremely toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c solvent to decrease expenses.

Technical Index:

Viscosity(with four cups, seventy seven ordmF):one hundred-300s

Efficient compound contentL78+-3%


one)Brushing method: the floor of the doing work item is pretreatment #8594brushing glue #8594agglutination #8594curing. Cleaning the adhesive surface area of security doorway to guarantee that no rust and no oil. It will influence the adhesion of Styrofoam if this element not be very good dealt with.

two)In orEPTto make sure the energy of the adhesive, area the adhesive evenly coated scratch in the sticky area. It’s greater to scrape with plastic toothed blade scraper, it can not use hairbrush brush glue due to the fact of high viscosity. The dosage of glue can be confirmed by the embossed depth of doorway. Brushing need to not be way too thick, uncovered time not too EPT.

3)Spend attention to speed the process of gluing, coating evenly. It require fast pace in summer time, not brush again and forth many occasions. If the action is gradual, you can set strain in the glue EPT, will not hold out for the surface area glue has dried and then set stress on. Agglutination can be managed by chilly pier or hot pier, the minimum time of cold pier is 3-4 hours and the minimum time of hot pier is 15-thirty minutes. The cement time over 10 several hours, it’s greater that the backing temperature is 190 ~ 220C deg.

four)Please seal use lid for the unused glue to avoid curing crust. The clean of equipment can use ethyl acetate solvent, or it can be soaked in warm drinking water for a handful of minutes, and then clean with cleaning soap. This item ought to be stored in a dry, ventilated, sealed setting, you should do not touch the h2o.


In the two procedure of brushing glue and strain on glue, it have to be completed in the area drying time that generally less than twenty minutes .

EPT amp Supply:

EPT Particulars 200kg/drum, eighty drums for a 20” container.
Shipping Time fifteen daEPTafter order

About us:
HangZhou XiHu (West Lake) (West Lake) Dis. Chemical Co., Ltd. is one particular of the greatest adhesive producers in China, EPTizes in the study, manufacture and marketing of diverse kinds of adhesives, incEPTd: H2o-Dependent Homo-Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesive, Polyurethane adhesive, spray adhesive, get in touch with adhesive, footwear adhesive, wallpaper glue, and so on. OEM is available below.

China Factory Galvanized Steel Insulated Colorsteel Board Panel Wool Glass Rock Foam Sandwich Glue

China Factory Galvanized Steel Insulated Colorsteel Board Panel Wool Glass Rock Foam Sandwich Glue