Hot Sale Product CAS 88-04-0 Chloroxylenol PCMX

Hot Sale Product CAS 88-04-0 Chloroxylenol PCMX

Hot Sale Solution CAS 88-04- Chloroxylenol PCMX

Merchandise Identify PCMX
CAS No 88-04-
EINECS No 201-793-8
MW 156.5
Melting Stage 114-116 degC

Chloroxylenol/PCMX Disinfectant (P-Chloro-m-Xylenol) is a antimicrobial chemical compound utilized to control microorganisms, algae and fungi in adhesives, emulsions, paints and clean tanks. It is also typically utilized in antibacterial soaps this kind of as Dettol. Scientific studies have proven a low anti microbial activity which is improved by additives. Its antibacterial motion is due to disruption of mobile membrane potentials.

one Hospital and EPT medicinal affected person pores and skin disinfection just before surgical treatment sterilization of health-related equipment day-to-day cleaning of gear and hard surfaces to keep away from cross-an infection health-related antibacterial soap can be made by PCMX, Hong Kong foot fungicide and EPT first-support supplies . It can be formulated into liquid, anhydrous hand soap, powder, product and lotion PCMX can also be utilized as a preservative in other medicines.

2 EPT and daily sterilization

Bactericides and insecticides for skin wounds (liquids, creams and lotions) frequent disinfectants and detergents germicidal soaps and individual hygiene hand sanitizers shampoos (eEPTly items with anti-dandruff operate).

3 EPT use

Coating floor: additional as a fungicide in coatings, suited for use in humid environments glues and binders: stop microbial decomposition, steer clear of odors, block filters and corrode metals, prevent product failure leather therapy: avoid mildew , against bacterial and fungal assault (eEPTly salted fur, EPT leather and salted or air-dried uncooked hides). Textile finishing and publish-remedy: pre-impregnation of the fibers.

four. Utilization: .2-5.%

five. Technique of use: Incorporate PCMX to a answer of alcoholic beverages, benzene, ether, and many others., and then combine with other components. Specific nonionic or anionic surfactants entirely dissolve PCMX and do not form associations.

Hot Sale Product CAS 88-04-0 Chloroxylenol PCMX

Hot Sale Product CAS 88-04-0 Chloroxylenol PCMX