The Rubber Additive Carbon Black N351 N326

The Rubber Additive Carbon Black N351 N326

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Carbon black is the predominant reinforcing filler employed in rubber compounds, and it is required to impart the necessary sturdiness and power to these products for EPTer lifetime and drastically enhanced performance. Carbon Black distributes and absorbs anxiety applied to a rubber ingredient and enhances its tensile strength, tear toughness and abrasion resistance. Carbon Black can also impart electrical conductivity / resistivity to a rubber compound for dissipating static charge in dynamic purposes these kinds of as automotive belts and Inexperienced Tires.
Carbon Black
CAS No.: 1333-86-4
H.S code: 2803000000
Apperance: Black Powder


Part No. EPTne Adsorption g/kg DBP Adsorption ten-5m3/kg CTAB area area 103m2/kg Heat loss le% Ashes le% Pressure at 300% Mpa
N550 forty three plusmn6 121 plusmn7 forty two plusmn6 one. .five -.nine plusmn1.six
N660 36 plusmn6 ninety plusmn7 37 plusmn6 one. .five -2.six plusmn1.six
N220 121 plusmn7 114 plusmn7 111 plusmn8 2.5 .five -2.three plusmn1.6
N234 one hundred twenty plusmn7 125 plusmn7 117 plusmn8 2.5 .five -.4 plusmn1.six
N330 eighty two plusmn6 102 plusmn6 79 plusmn6 1. .five -.5 plusmn1.5
N326 82 plusmn6 72 plusmn6 eighty plusmn6 1. .five -3.five plusmn1.5
N375 ninety plusmn6 114 plusmn7 ninety three plusmn7 1. .five .5 plusmn1.5

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one. applies to organic rubber and synthesi synthetical rubber

2. plastics

3. paints ,inks

four. masterbatch

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The Rubber Additive Carbon Black N351 N326

The Rubber Additive Carbon Black N351 N326